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I’m painfully aware that you have good moments in career and bad. But right now it feels good, I feel good. There’s forward momentum and I feel like I need to see where it takes me.

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"I was not popular with the people I set boundaries with. When I finally decided I was worth much more than how I was being treated it was like shining a spotlight on how other people were behaving badly.

Just because setting a boundary with someone becomes uncomfortable for them does not mean we should back down. We do not have to be unkind but we do have to remain strong.

Remember that setting a boundary with abusive, unkind, and controlling people is challenging the power they think they hold over you. But other people do not hold power over you unless you let them. So do not give your personal power away by feeling guilty or allowing people to talk you out of the decisions you make for your greater good. In your heart you know setting boundaries is the right action. In loving yourself you must bravely stay the course, no matter what anyone else says. Other people do not have your best interest at heart so you must.

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"Dig it babe, you need a new look."

Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward in Crybaby (1990) appreciation post. What a woman!

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